Background image at head of page. You are currently on a page titled Horse Ratings. This page covers the following topics. How our horse ratings are compiled. How our highest rated horse holds contention over field. Historical basis of our ratings. Betting at Value odds. Using our ratings to approach different race types. At your right hand side, above middle of the page, are links to the following rating pages; Ratings for Today's selections. Ratings for Today's handicap selections. Ratings for Today's Non handicap selections. Our selections for Today's All weather racing. Our selections for Tomorrow, posted around 6pm the evening before racing. The lower half of the page covers features of our ratings service. Topics cover are Dutching strategy and Staking strategy. Dutching Strategy is an important part of our ratings and yielding long term profit.


Sureform horse ratings are compiled from points being accrued from numerous factors and information deemed by us to be the most important criteria in influencing the chances each horse has of winning the race being examined.

This does not mean the highest rated horse will win the races rated, but generally the higher rated horses hold the best claims to winning.

The ratings for any given race has no bearing on previous or historical ratings, each horses rating is individual to the circumstances of the race in question.

When backing horses the most important aspect is being able to bet at value odds, for this reason, horse ratings are mostly compiled in handicap races (class 4 or higher) where the odds are usually more attractive and can be exploited.

Ratings for specific non - handicap races
for 3 year old's and upwards (class 4 or higher) also provided.
All Weather racing everything applies in the same manner.
National hunt racing is the same but for horses 4 years old and upwards (class 4 or higher)
Sureformracing currently provides ratings for handicap, non handicap and all weather horse racing.
Dutch selections are provided with each set of Ratings.

The top two to six rated horses is where most bets will be made, and it is recommended that a dutching strategy is used when the market odds allow.
1st and 2nd top rated horses are selected
1st, 2nd and 3rd top rated horses are selected
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th top rated horses are selected
Staking is the percentage of a betting bank used to secure a winning return.

The simplest of all staking plans is level stakes, placing the same stake on each selection regardless of odds.

Every staking strategy/plan requires its own bank, set at a level to comfortably allow for a series of adverse results.

Staking strategies/plans for win bets. 20/80 bets (each way betting), dutch bets (backing more than one selection in the same event) and lay bets (acting as a bookmaker) are available at
staking plan is for win singles and requires a 250pts bank.
strategy is for backing 20/80 and requires a 500pts bank
strategy is for backing dutch selections and requires a 500 pts bank
Strategy is for Laying selections to win and requires a 500 pt bank
This strategy is only required if you need to grow your personal bankroll.
Staking strategies can be found by clicking STRATEGY at head of page